Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weekly Shoe-gasm!

Ok so this weeks shoes are late! I can't believe i forgot.

These are for the Brides who's something blues are going to be her shoes.

So where was i when Paris Hilton started to make shoes? Well maybe i'm the last one to know but i think these a spectacular. This week shoe is multitasking because i'm only posting one. Since they aren't white satin with the right dress, in the right season, i think they can definitely be seen on the foot of a wedding guest. They're called Senorita and are available here.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Diamond Dash!

Want your boo to win you a $20,000 Tacori Ring?????

I knew that would get your attention! I mean i have my own attention!

You and your fiance can dash around Manhattan for your chance to win the $20,000 Tacori engagement ring, a honeymoon to Waikoloa Beach Resort on Hawaii’s big island and several other prizes while raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! So you're dashing for a DIAMOND and a CURE!

The event takes place on Saturday September 12, 2009. It's the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt. Clues to jewelry stores and bridal shops in NYC will all be a part of the fun.

For more information visit: The registry deadline is September 2nd, 2009.

There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. Open to legal residents of NY, NJ, CT and PA. Restrictions may apply visit the site for full details.

Hmmmmm i wonder if the fact that i'm already married, have a ring, and been on my honeymoon will restrict me from entering :).

Good luck everyone! If you register and get picked to participate, let me know!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Silver Dress

So over the weekend one of my BFF's had a brunch at her home to discuss bridesmaid dress options. She had 15 options for us to view! Luckily even though there were 7 of us with different body shapes and personal style, we all seemed to gravitate towards 3 dresses and i think at the end of the day Option 1 is going to win because the shade of blue is FIERCE!

Anyway while browsing multiple websites an image of a "silver" colored wedding dress pops on the screen. It was really fast but it definitely caught my wedding eye because i had to stop sipping on the mimosa and really take it in. Note to readers i NEVER stop sipping a mimosa! They are my absolute favorite every time i drink one i get transported back to my honeymoon. YUM! OK back to the post...

I wonder if i could have gotten away with a silver gown. I think my mom and grandmother wouldn't have gone for it in the end but they are beautiful. i would certainly be willing to try or one or two (or all) in the store just for fun if i had to do it all again.

Romona Keveza

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weekly Shoe-gasm!

Here are this weeks pics:

For the bride:

Caroline By: Badgley Mishka

I am so in love with this shoe... Do you think i could get away with wearing it to work????

And for the guest:

Clay By: Badgley Mischka

Both options can be found here.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bridal Buff

So it seems like women diet their whole lives and the only time the diet works is when they're getting married. There's something about being seen by 300 people in a white dress that gives a girl that much more motivation to NOT eat that brownie.

But now that i've already fit into the dress, (it was too big!!! YAY me!) and its been over 8 months (time flies damn it) i wouldn't DARE put that dress on because I KNOW there's a chance that its not too big anymore :(.

So what do i do? Mind you honey dip loves the new booty (well the old booty which is making a comeback) but the tummy hmmmmm not so much. I don't think there are enough hours in my day to hit the gym. OK OK i know i'm lying, geeez don't kill me. Here's when I am going to start squeezing in that work out.
  1. There is an hour nap that I take in between when my baby wakes up at 6 and when i actually get out the bed to go to work. I usually drag myself out of the bed, give stinkie a kiss, change his pamper, warm a bottle, and give him to my ANGEL of a mom who lives downstairs. i'm so good at it i can do it all in less that 6 minutes with my eyes closed. i'm still asleep anyway so i just crawl right back into bed and snuggle up under my husband for an hour. Pathetic I know. Tomorrow i'm going to get dressed in my sweats before picking him up. And instead of going back to bed i'm going to run straight out of the door for a 40 minute jog to no where and back.
  2. When I get home after getting dinner together i usually play with my son for an hour or two. We watch all the good night shows on sprout (none of which actually get him into that good night kinda mood, they just make him more excited to be awake but whatever). He eventually passes out at like 9:30. Instead of watching sprout he can sit in the play pen and watch me work it out with those Windsor work out tapes (talk about comic relief) that i have had on my shelves for like 3 years...Just collecting dust. Double Pathetic i know.
I figure if i alternate the jog and evening work out sessions I should be able to see some sort of progress in the near or not so near future. My motivation being Honey'z bday is next month and we are going away to a city in which i refuse to be seen looking like a hot mess. And not to mention, my sons 1st b'day is coming, our 1 year anniversary is steadily approaching, our 1st Thanksgiving and Christmas as husband and wife is like around the corner. And all those events means pictures which will last a lifetime.

Pray for me.

I promise to blog more often if you do.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Wonderland...

Today my friend Lisa, of Elite Affairs LLC, talked about how perfect today's NYC snowy weather would be for a trash the dress photo shoot. I would so "trash" my dress, meaning take a few shots in the snow, unfortunately photos shoots cost money not to mention needing make up and hair and overall putting my dress back on. Plus everyone's threatening to kill me if i even think of damaging "her" (yes my dress is a living breathing person).

But wouldn't it be totally freekin awesome, and very vouge magazine like???

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

My Honey Dip and I finally got our wedding pictures back. OVER 500 IMAGES! So many to choose from since the album is only supposed to be about 80. But here's one of my favorites! Enjoy.